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"I am new to JSJ and I have honestly never felt such a quick release of my sciatica than after just one session with Julia. I was able to get up from the table and straighten my body completely. JSJ is more powerful than a Panadol!" Justin, Auckland

"This is just delicious! I can't get this kind of relaxation anywhere else." Judy, Auckland

"During the JSJ treatment, there were several instances when I felt a release; once in my chest that was like taking a delicious gulp of fresh, cold air. Not realising it was blocked yet recognising the unblocking was incredibly rejuvenating. Immediately after the treatment I kept testing my breath, feeling the air flow where previously it hadn’t. Exquisite." Jane, Auckland

"I recently decided to gift myself a series of Harmonyum Treatments with Julia. It was worth every penny. Not only is the treatment itself super soothing, but the effects carry on well after the session is over. I am skeptical of a lot of healing practices, but there is really something about Harmonyum that really works. It is a wonderful way to connect with yourself in this day and age when "me time" is so needed. I highly recommend Julia and Naamaste." Hannah

"I have had a stressful year and it felt nice to receive some (Harmonyum) healing. I felt like baby being rocked to sleep! It was gentle, peaceful and I felt very rejuvenated afterwards." Christine-Jane, Auckland

"Thank you for my natal vibration chart. It was very insightful and useful." Jacqui, Auckland

"Naamasté is my happy place." Jane, Auckland

"Naam truly is the gift – chanting frees your soul!" Katrin, Hamburg

"It was fascinating to find out all these things about my body and to learn how easy it is to do something for my health and inner balance, for example by doing a few simple mudras whenever I have a free minute." Sophie, London

"I chose to receive Harmonyum Healing as I understood it works with the 7 karmic influences we are all born with that needed to be cleared. I found the series of 7 Harmonyum sessions to be very relaxing, I felt very calm afterwards and looked forward to each appointment. It was interesting to notice the subconscious shift that occurred within me while going through the series of treatments, as I hadn't had much luck with guys in over 5 years. After my third session I went on a date and met someone really lovely who I have been seeing for 4 months now. I recommend Harmonyum to anyone that is wanting to move forward and do some clearing. You can never do too much clearing, you will feel lighter and brighter for it." Nicole, Auckland

"During the Harmonyum session it was a great feeling to reach such a level of relaxation. I noticed after the sessions that I was more patient, relaxed and in general felt better." Camilla, Hamburg

"After only a few JSJ sessions my little one was much happier, grounded and cuddly, which he didn't enjoy before. " Marcela, Auckland