Sharp mind, healthy body, light spirit
Naamasté Lotus

Naam Meditation

Have you ever wanted to try meditation, but the thought of sitting in silence and trying to release extraneous thoughts is a challenge? (As soon as most of us try to think of nothing – we start thinking about everything!) Through simple, rhythmic chanting (with music), we can enter a meditative state more easily than sitting in silence, because using the word (Naam) creates a calm focus that’s also a positive affirmation, infusing every cell with energy.

Benefits of Naam Meditation

  • Enables us to think clear positive thoughts, for a more conscious, healthy, happy life, where we’re in calm control of our thoughts and actions
  • Focuses on the inner, rather than the outer world, so we let go of the misery that comes from comparing ourselves with others
  • Opens the throat chakra through regular practice, supporting clear and authentic communication

What healing sounds like

Anyone can access the lightness, self-healing and rejuvenation of Naam Meditation: from beginners and sceptics to seasoned meditators. You can even do it sitting in a chair. Each class usually begins with a gentle warm up, before a comfortable seated meditation. Naamasté combines effective breathing techniques with mantra chanting – in English, Hebrew, Gurmukhi and Latin – to open the heart. Mantras are sounds chosen for their ability to stimulate reflex points in the mouth and face to facilitate self-healing and renewal. These sounds activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to relax, and create a vibrational rhythm with their frequency and repetition.