The origin of acupuncture without needles
Naamasté Lotus

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy®

Acupressure Therapy

Everything that is happening in our lives – whether it is our health, work or relationships – is the result of our thoughts that have manifested in ourselves or in our environment and create our reality. But how do we maintain positive thoughts, healthy emotions and therefore a radiant body? Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is an ancient Japanese healing art that harmonizes our body, mind and spirit through gentle touch.

How it works

There are 26 areas on our body called 'Safety Energy Locks' that are located on energetic pathways throughout our body (similar to meridians) and feed life into all cells. These need to be kept clear in order to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Energy always needs to flow and circulate along these pathways, but our busy lifestyles, stress, diet, habits and mental attitudes may cause energy to stagnate. The Safety Energy Lock then locks for our safety and we may experience this as tension, discomfort or even pain. This is our body’s innate self-healing mechanism telling us to change something in the way we are living our lives.

When these invaluable signals from our body are ignored, it causes the energy to not only stagnate but even flow in reverse, causing other areas to become affected as well. Over time this may result in illness manifesting in the physical body. The path to holistic wellbeing is the gentle unlocking of these various areas that allows energy to harmoniously flow once again.

The treatment

A session lasts approximately 50 minutes while you relax comfortably lying fully clothed on a massage table. A treatment always begins with the listening of your energetic pulse that indicates where exactly energy needs to be harmonized at that present moment. During the session my hands are gently placed on these areas on your body and are held in specific sequences to help restore the natural flow of energy while you simply surrender.

"Whatever our imperfections, at the heart of every being there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm" Mary Burmeister, Founder of JSJ in the West

JSJ Acupressure may help:

  • anxiety, fears, depression
  • fatigue, insomnia
  • immunity
  • hormonal balance
  • fertility, support during and after pregnancy
  • stress
  • muscular tension and aches
  • digestion
  • blood sugar balance
  • breathing
  • anger management
  • recovery from/support during illness or surgery

Who benefits from JSJ

This profound physio-philosophy treats the whole person, the symptoms and more importantly harmonizes the root cause of any imbalance. JSJ can be safely received at any period in your life (during pregnancy, even babies and children) and is a potent, preventative way of keeping the body and mind healthy and the spirits high. JSJ is gentle, non-intrusive and compatible with other medical and natural therapies.

Furthermore, JSJ provides a practical tool for getting to know and healing yourself as simple self-help exercises are given for you to maintain harmony and balance in-between sessions. This will greatly impact the healing process and with time you will have a holistic toolkit that empowers you to intuitively help yourself (and others) in many situations.

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