Your own strength and happiness are inside you. Naamasté will guide you to rediscover them.

JSJ Acupressure Therapy

Th healing Art of Jin Shin gently releases psychological, physiological, emotional and energetic blockages to re-establish harmonious energy flow for holistic wellbeing. It is the origin of acupuncture without needles.

Naam Meditation

Using easy to learn, rhythmic chanting, even the busiest minds can reach a relaxed, meditative state.

Harmonyum Healing

Enter a deep state of relaxation, as a gentle healing touch helps you release subconscious patterns and habits from your body, mind and spirit.

Naamasté Lotus

Hi, I am Julia Gundermann, and I created Naamasté to give you a holistic foundation for self-healing, as well as practical tools to live a more conscious, authentic, joyful and abundant life.

Your state of health is the integration of the energetic body with the physical body.

I believe that self-awareness is the beginning for all healing change and I seek to empower my clients on their journey to wholeness by working with the complete person – mind, body, emotions and spirit.

My offerings include:

  • JSJ Acupressure – Regenerate yourself with personalized, gentle hands-on bodywork treatments.
  • Harmonyum Healing – Let go of challenging patterns and habits with this soothing, non-invasive bodywork treatment.
  • Numerology – Discover your spiritual inheritance, personality traits, health and relationship challenges through your unique planetary blueprint.
  • Personal Practice – Go deeper in your own practice and receive a personalized Naam Yoga & Meditation home ritual.