Your own strength and happiness are inside you. Naamasté will guide you to rediscover them.

Naam Yoga Therapies

Powerful practices to open the energy flow within your body through movement, breath and voice.

Naam Meditation

Using easy to learn, rhythmic chanting, even the busiest minds can reach a relaxed, meditative state.

Harmonyum Healing

Enter a deep state of relaxation, as a gentle healing touch helps you release toxins, tensions and blockages from your body, mind and spirit.

Naamasté Lotus

Hi. Naamasté was created by me, Julia Gundermann. Naam Yoga brought peace, clarity, meaning and health to my own life, so this is my way to share and teach its principles and practice with you.

Naamasté will give you a holistic foundation for self-healing, as well as practical tools to live a more conscious, happy, peaceful and abundant life. More than a regular yoga practice and stretching – it’s a way of life.

Naam means word, sound or vibration. Naam Yoga and its progression Shakti Naam fuse breath, movement, mudras (healing hand postures) and vocal vibration of mantras. Naam Meditation is both an element of Naam Yoga and also offered separately. Together, they create pure, positive change from the inside out.

You’ll feel lighter, happier and more grounded. You don’t need to be strong or flexible – even from the first class you can do all the exercises.

Harmonyum Healing beautifully complements the heart opening benefits of Naam therapies with a gentle healing touch that gets straight to the source of illness and blockages.